Threat Convergence: Subversion, Destabilization and Insecurity

On April 23-24, 2009, the Government of Italy, the 2009 G-8 President, hosted a conference in Rome on “Destabilising Factors and Transnational Threats”. Participants discussed how transnational threats -- terrorism, organized crime, nuclear proliferation, corruption -- contribute to domestic and international destabilization and challenges to global security; how these threats required greater synergies and ideas for the G-8 and international community to enhance the security toolbox to preempt and counter transnational threats; and encouraged stronger joint inter-governmental coordination to combat the assets of the criminal and terrorist organizations. G-8 Leaders are expected to discuss these issues at their Summit in L’Aquila Italy in July 2009, and G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers will discuss in Rome in May G8 efforts to combat transnational organized crime and the UNTOC.