Re-wild Re-cycle Bike Caravan zum G8

A chaotic DIY bike caravan is leaving on the 30th of april travelling from Lappersfort(Brugges) to the g8 in Italy...

Going from town to town obstructing the madness of mass car use and for a alternative of petrol use transport and to spread informations and take action globaly against KAPITALISTFASCISM and a handfull of corrupted minds and their puppets

To enjoy nature-comunal bikeing and living come to Lappersfort, fix a bike and help getting the caravan on the road and join the chaos..
24th till the 29th of april bike work shops and last preparation days +free food

Lappersfort ten briele brugge belgium Leave brugges train station out true the back turn left next round about turn left under railway tracks 100m on the righthand side