Daily Report Legal Team Freiburg April 2nd

On the 2nd of April German and French authorities continusly constrained peaceful protests against the NATO summit in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden by issuing large numbers of travel bans. The Legal Team in Freiburg has taken notice of more then 30 bans issued by German and five issued by French police.
The Stuttgart administrative court has today invalidated ten travel bans issued by German police on the day before, only one ban has been reinforced by the judges. German and French lawyers are still appealing against these encroachments upon fundamental rights.

Dozens of protestors have been held at the borders to France, mostly in Kehl, for up to five hours while their documents have been analysed and they have been confronted with partly absurd accusations. Also some minors have been held for this reason and have been questioned for hours. In connection with these incidents, three arrests were reported to the Legal Team Freiburg.