Questa terra è la nostra terra

From 18 to 20 April 2009 will be held in province of Treviso the Agriculture Ministers’ meeting which will define the world policies on agriculture. We believe that this is an important opportunity to give voice to the experiences of those who, in our territory and in the world, struggling for food sovereignty, against the GMOs (genetically modified organism) for the environment and food, for protection, sustainable use and natural resources of democracy, in a word, for our land.

We live today the profound crisis of a global system based on exploitation, environmental destruction, plunder of resources, poverty, which has demonstrated its profound limitations, which is why we think there is a need to undertake a new journey to find the relationship with the land and the environment, the sense of a humanity worthy.

For this we propose to all the civil society, farmers, the environment committee, the buying groups combined, to give life to the Meeting-Festival “Questa terra è la nostra terra” as the time for discussion, comparison and mobilization in the Province of Treviso in the days of April of the G8.

An opportunity to enhance ties in common with the land, the culture, the typical food production, free from GMOs, the mobilizations against the environmental devastation, the alternative energy and creativity of our territories.
A moment of collective narrative of a different relationship with the land, the environment and resources.

First signatories:
Monica Tiengo, Ass. Ya Basta Treviso;
Tino Zandigiacomi, Città Bene Comune;
Andrea Zanoni Paese Ambiente;
Comitato “18 Aprile” De’Longhi Treviso;
Pace e Sviluppo Treviso;
Berto Zandigiacomi Italia Nostra;
Paride Danieli, Verdi Treviso;
Rete Radiè Resch, Associazione di Solidarietà Internazionale, Gruppo di Lancenigo-Maserada-Spresiano;
Lucia Tamai Ass.ne ALISEI – Silea;
Gigi Calesso, Un’altra Treviso;
Romeo Scarpa, sega@tura;
Rino Rasera, Lega Ambiente;
Sergio Costanzo, Comitati Antenne Treviso;
Renzo Favretto, Casier;
Loris Donazzon, Villorba;
Fabiola Caramel, Amici del Parco Mogliano Veneto;
Fabio Tomaselli, UbikLab, Treviso;
Susanna Lazzarato, Meduna di Livenza;
Mario Fardin, Vittorio Veneto.

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