G8medianetwork: Meeting in Sapporo on March 15

We are a network of independent media groups in Japan. We have started our collaboration to gather and broadcast as many aspects of civil activities that will take place before and during the period of the G8 Toya-ko Summit scheduled July 7-9, 2008, Hokkaido, Japan.

Currently we plan to build an Independent Media Center (IMC) near the G8 Summit site, with internet-connected computers and ideally video and audio studios equipped with editing and broadcasting facilities. The center welcomes media groups from within Japan and abroad who want to use these facilities.

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To work out the basic items for the IMC, we will hold a meeting in Sapporo on March 15, 2008. We welcome foreign participants to join us in the meeting for an exchange and collaborative discussion. There we would like to know the needs of foreign independent media groups, which we can incorporate when conditions are met. During and after the meeting, we will visit the Lake Toya (site of the Summit) and the IMC.

We are also scheduling another international meeting of independent media groups planning to visit Japan during the G8 Toya-ko Summit. Specifics for the meeting will be announced later. Interested in joining us at the meeting on March 15? Please contact us at: