Restrictions on using parks in Hokkaido, Japan

News from NO! G8 Action Japan regarding the negative campaign towards the anti-G8 movement, which is being labeled as extremists/terrorists by the police and mass media in Japan.

Sapporo City is the largest city in the area which the next G8 Japan will take place. It is about a two-hour drive to Lake Toya, where the actual site will be. Sapporo is the city where demos and symposiums are planned to be held proir to the G8 Summit.

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A number of networks will announce a joint protest statement, as well as undergo protest actions as a unified opposing group against Sapporo City, and aim to ultimately win the permission of usage of the parks through judicial action on the bases of violation of the constitution.

Unfortunately, we expect further repression from various levels, both national and municipal and will keep you updated on the situation surrounding the anti-G8 movement in Japan.