Back to Genoa!

We appeal to all the people who were in Genova the days 19th, 20th and 21st of july 2001.
We are speaking to all who everyday fight against war, precarity, the waste of the territory and of the collective goods.
To all those that struggle in the universities, in the workplaces and in the neighbourhoods against exploitation. To who fights against the centres of detention for migrants. To who has never given up the dream of a different world.
The Public Prosecutors Canepa and Canciani have asked 224 years' inprisonment for 25 people who are guilty only of having been in Genova to contest the G8 in those days. This request clearly shows what kind of justice they are trying to impose. The one that always acquits the power for its crimes, and hits who dares to rebel and disobey with violence, jail and murder, as in the case of Carlo Giuliani.

Bild: Genua

This shameful request is simply unacceptable. The actual aim of this trail is to rewrite the history, distorting it, because it is a trouble for the power.
Our history talks about the courage to face all together the potentates of the G8 that decide wars and massacres. It talks about disobedience against unfair laws, against the prohibition to express dissent, as when Genova had been transformed in a huge militarized zone without democracy. This history, that the public procesors would like to bury with two centuries' imprisonment, talks about the police that tortures in Bolzaneto, charges and the beats up in the streets, massacres in the school Diaz.
It talks about the only chief of the police, the one who commanded all the operations in Genova, ever promoted directly member of the government in the history of this country.
We appeal to everybody because the actual aim of this trail is to hit today's and toorrow's movements. The state's revenge that risks to fall on the 25 defendants is also the attempt to close definitevely the space for the dissent and the direct democracy often opposed to the false one of the palace.
We, the first signers of the appeal “Noi, quelli di Via Tolemaide”, propose to everybody to come back to Genova the day 17th of november, to claim together that the truth can't be erased, neither with the violence nor with the imprisonment. To shout that we want freedom for those who are paying for our collective guilt of rebelling against the injustice. We ask everybody to rally in order to fill those streets that the power is trying to keep empty and silent with the terror. We ask those who were not in Genova to come because the future is what we build now.
To those who were in Genova and now hold institutional and parties' offices we ask to guarantee trains for who wants to demonstrate and that the stations will be not militarized. We invite everybody to the great demonstration that will claim that to disobey to this present world is right, that the right to resist which was exerted in Genova is natural and inviolable, that all the defendants must be set free from this political trail carried on against the movements.

We'll move from the Community of San Benedetto al Porto at 3 pm on saturday the 17th of november to get to Piazza De Ferrari, the place where the G8 had their bloody summit.

Don Andrea Gallo (Fondatore Comunità San Benedetto al Porto-Genova) | Valeria Cavagnetto (Genova) | Vladia Grillino (Genova) | Milena Zappon (Genova) | Domenico Chionetti (Genova) | Simone Savona (Genova) | Luciano Bregoli (Genova) | Luca Oddone (Genova) | Paolo Languasco (Genova) | Matteo Jade (Genova) | Luca Daminelli (Genova) | Maurizio Campaga (Genova) | Luca Casarini (Marghera - imputato a Cosenza) | Tommaso Cacciari (Venezia) | Michele Valentini (Marghera) | Max Gallob (Padova) | Vilma Mazza (Padova) | Duccio Bonechi (Padova-imputato a Genova) | Federico Da Re ( Padova-imputato a Genova) | Cristian Massimo (Monfalcone) | Donatello Baldo (Trento) | Domenico Mucignat (Bologna) | Gianmarco De Pieri (Bologna) | Manila Ricci (Rimini) | Daniele Codelupi (Reggio Emilia) | Claudio Sanita (Alessandria) | Luca Corradini (Milano) | Silvia Liscia (Milano) | Francesco Raparelli (Roma) | Francesco Brancaccio (Roma) | Emiliano Viccaro (Roma) | Luca Blasi (Roma) | Antonio Musella (Napoli)