New security handbook by LEPSG - Intended to assist G8 members planning security

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In February 2005, the G8 Lyon-Roma/Anti-Crime and Terrorism Group, and the Law Enforcement Projects Subgroup (LEPSG) produced a Handbook for Crisis Prevention and Response at Major Special Events. The G8 Handbook is intended to be of immediate assistance to G8 members in planning security for major special events, and also potentially of assistance to other nations that undertake to plan such events.

The handbook incorporates expertise and best practice solutions based on a compilation of input during the period between 2004 and 2005 and aims to facilitate effective crisis prevention and response measures at special events by providing a security framework which incorporates the experience of G8 members.

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The Handbook is intended as a reference document for police and other government authorities who are in the process of preparing for major events. It was developed based on the security demands inherent in Summer Olympic Games and includes security issues related to crime, terrorism, civil disorder as well as potential crises that result from natural disasters, medical epidemics and physical catastrophes caused by human errors.

It includes sections on Organisation (initial planning, administration, internal outreach, command and control), Prevention (intelligence, public order management, legal affairs, immigration and international entry), Protection (dignitaries and athletes, venues, infrastructure), Transport Security (aviation, maritime transportation, ground transportation), and Incident Response (law enforcement, consequence management and public health) although it does not provide specific details concerning the operational implementation of these functions.

The Handbook augments the exposure and efforts of UNICRI and encourages members to utilise the IPO platform.

IPO Experts

IPO Experts are police and security agency personnel, both serving and retired, and others with significant combined expertise in all aspects of major events security planning. All are prepared to fully support the IPO programme’s mission and values, and the network continues to grow.

IPO Experts are either representatives nominated by national authorities or individuals who, having expressed an interest in joining the network, are selected by UNICRI to assists in the provision of IPO services.

IPO now has an extensive roster of security experts and advisors with combined experience in virtually every aspect of major event security planning.