(AGI) - Rome, Oct 2 - The taping of the programme 'Porta a Porta' ended with a serious clash between the secretary of the Communist Refoundation, Franco Giordano, and AN leader Gianfranco Fini. The conflict started when the two, speaking about security, came to the issue of police cuts. The discussion got more intense when Fini accused the government of "reducing the police to a point that they have to pay their own petrol". "Go and visit the police stations" said Fini to Giordano, and see how they welcome you". The PRC leader replied: "you have been in the police stations, I remember the G8 in Genoa well. Unfortunately the presence of a vice premier is not according to the ritual". Bruna Vespa is unable to stop the heated discussion. Fini, raising his voice, replies: "I am proud of showing my solidarity to the police. While our Caruso was throwing Molotov cocktails at them". Giordano interrupted him: "Since you are so calm, why do you refuse the constitution of a commission investigating the Genoa affair?". At that point, Vespa manages to calm the situation.