May 23rd 2007, Heiligendamm -- Samara

- Information about the Bombodrom action day on June 1st, 2007
- The annual G8 summit is from June 6-8 in northern Germany and protests are planned
- Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May in Samara
- Resistant Art Festival
- International Antifascist demonstration
- Anti-G8-Rave in front of German parliament
- Camping against the G8
- German police use Stasi scent profiling on G8 protesters
- Media Training - How to give good interviews
- SO36 statement regarding yesterday's raids

Information about the Bombodrom action day on June 1st, 2007

As perviously announced, we plan to settle in the Bombodrom area in the Kyritz-Ruppin Heathlands on June 1st, 2007 in an action of civil desobedience. It is our aim to clearly show our rejection of war and training for war. In case the police should try a strategy of escalation, we will not take part in that. We have our own script. The whole thing is to happen in a cool, committed and very pink way. You find the call for action and important background information under www.g8andwar.de.

Here comes some practical information:

How to get there (see map)
If possible please arrive until May 31st, because that night there will be meetings with info about the plans for the action.
Those who can only arrive on June 1st should try to make it to one of the meeting points by noon. Those who come after 2.30 pm should call the info phone to ask for news where to meet (0174-3558963). Please consult this webseite again shortly before the action to see what has changed. There will be Information at the meeting points. We plan to have an info point at the former Pink Point (on the road between Schweinrich and Lutterow) throughout the toime of the action. Infotelefon.

How to get to the camps (opening May 29th)

Car: From Berlin A 24 Berlin-Hamburg, exit Neuruppin, direction Rheinsberg, but in Gühlen-Glienicke do not take the turn to Rheinsberg but go straight on to Flecken Zechlin. At the entrance of the village turn right, direction Zechlinerhütte, go through the village, at the end follow signs to Luhme. In Luhme turn right to Heimland, there turn left into the street called Heegeseeweg.
From Hamburg take the A 24 Hamburg-Berlin, exit Wittstock, direction Rheinsberg, in Flecken-Zechlin go straight on at the first crossroads and continue towards Luhme as above.
Train: to Rheinsberg station. From there it's 12 km to Luhme. Go by bike or arrange to be picked up, or take the Bus 785 to Flecken Zechlin, dep. 11.22/13.49/16.45/18.20, (ca 30 - 40 min)
Or: train to Neuruppin/Rheinsberger Tor and bus to Flecken Zechlin
Dep: 11.42/13.02/14.02/15.02/15.42/16.42/ (ca 30 - 40min), from there arrange to be picked up.

Cars: From Berlin to Flecken Zechlin as above. At the entrance of the village turn right and just follow the road, at the end of the village turn left to Zempow. In Zempow at the church turn left and then go straight on. From Hamburg A24, exit Wittstock/Pritzwalk, through Wittstock first towards Röbel, then, still inside town, turn right and pass trhough Berlinchen, Sewekow, Buschhof, follow signs to Zempow. Turn right at the entrance of Zempow.
Train: Mirow (14 km, no bus connection), Rheinsberg (Bus 785 to Flecken Zechlin, 793 from there to Zempow) or Wittstock (Bus 746)

Car: From Hamburg or Berlin A24 exit Neuruppin, follow signs to Rheinsberg. In rheinsberg follow signs to Zechlinerhütte.
Train: Rheinsberg, Bus 788 direction Großzerlang till Zechlinerhütte

Car: From Hamburg or Berlin A 24 exit Neuruppin, drive towards Neuruppin and turn left to Bechlin, Kränzlin, Darritz, Wahlendorf. Behind Wahlendorf turn right to the L18, follow it towards Wittstock until you reach Katerbow.
Train: Netzeband, from there 3km (walking/byicycle)

Car: From Berlin or Hamburg A24 exit Abfahrt Wittstock, follow signs to Rheinsberg, via Babitz to Schweinrich, there turn left (to Dranse) at the entrance of the village. After 300 m follow the sign to the Naturcampingplatz am Blanschen".
Train: Wittstock Dosse, bus 747 to Schweinrich, dep.09:05, 15:05, 16:03, 17:05.
Arrival on the action day June 1st
If possible, come to the rallying points in Schweinrich und Neu-Lutterow in cars or with bicycles to be mobile.

Car: From Berlin or Hamburg A24 exit Abfahrt Wittstock, follow signs to Rheinsberg, via Babitz to Schweinrich, there turn left (to Dranse) at the entrance of the village. After 300 m follow the sign to the Naturcampingplatz am Blanschen".
Train: Wittstock Dosse, bus 747 to Schweinrich, dep.09:05, 15:05, 16:03, 17:05.
There will be group taxis waiting at the station at 11.00, 12.00 und 13.00 with 8 places for 17,00 Euro alltogether. To order a taxi at other times please call 03394/712321)

Neu Lutterow:
Car: From Berlin A 24 Berlin-Hamburg, exit Neuruppin, direction Rheinsberg, but in Gühlen-Glienicke do not take the turn to Rheinsberg but go straight on to Flecken Zechlin. Turn right (dir. Wittstock). Neu-Lutterow lies left of the road, go on until you come to the rallying point where the street meets the Bombodrom border. From Hamburg via Schweinrich (s.a.) towards Flecken Zechlin, the street leads (legally) through the Bombodrom area. The rallying point is where the street leaves the military area.
Train: Rheinsberg, bus 785 to Flecken Zechlin (dap 11.22, arr 11.49) or Neuruppin, bus 787 to Flecken Zechlin (dep 11.42 , arr 12.20)
From Flecken-Zechlin there will be a Taxi or Shuttle to Neu-Lutterow.
Water/toillets/food: Please, please let hte camps know in advance wiht how many peole you are coming, so that we can organize what will be needed.

Ferienland Luhme, Heegeseeweg 8 & 9, 16837 Luhme, freke@t-online.de,
Bioland Ranch Zempow, Birkenallee 12, 13837 Zempow, topinambur@zempow.de,
Naturcampingplatz "Am Blanschen", Ute und Jürgen Erfurth, 16909 Wittstock OT Schweinrich, 033966-60395, 0173-5844500, info@campingplatz-blanschen.de
Camp Katerbow: Johannes Oblaski, Tel. 0171-2195136
Zechlinerhütte: Ferieninsel Tietzowsee, Zur Tietzowsiedlung 7, 16831 Zechlinerhütte, Tel.:033921/70228, ferieninsel.tietzowsee@t-online.de. You can book huts for 4,5 or 6 people - so: Organize!
Costs for camping 2 Euro (Schweinrich 3 Euro) per person and night, beds (Luhme, Zechlinerhütte) 5 Euro.
In Luhme there is a wheelchair-compatible appartement. In Zempow and Katerbow there will be wheelchair-accessible toiltes. Unfortunately there are sand roads everywhere which make it hard to move in wheelchairs.
All camps have toilets, water and a kitchen.

For the action, please bring the food you need, and especially remember to carry enough water with you. We will try to arrange for voküs or merchants o sell food at the rallyes.

Meeting points
Clown Army (wendlandclown.twoday.net, traumzirkus@web.de or 0175 9620785,): Bioland Ranch Zempow
Lebenslaute (www.Lebenslaute.de): Schweinrich
X-tausendmal quer (x1000malquer.de), meeting point for people who want to form affinity groups that will stay together for block g8: Schweinrich
antipat/queer/feminist (queercamp@gmx.de): Schweinrich
bicycle caravans (www.g8-bikerides.net): Katerbow
euro marches : (www.euromarches.org/deutsch): Zechlinerhütte
People who do not plan to join one of these groups, and especially people with cars please go to Luhme.

Important to bring:
Tent, sleeping bag, plate/bowl and cutlery, walking shoes, raincloths, torch, compass, enough containers for water. As for mobile phones, D2 is the net that works around here.

Rules to observe on the Bombodrom:
No fire, stay on the roads, do not touch ammunition or parts of it, do not go near the red flags which mark dangerous spots. The Bombodrom area Flora-Fauna-Habitat and partly also a natural park. Please be attentive and respect animals and plants.

Ermittlungsausschuss (EA)
The EA collects information about arrests etc., tries to find out where people are, get them a lawyer if necessary etc. Please call the EA if you get arrested or if you see others getting arrested. Please do not forget to call again when you get out. Phone 030-6922222.
24/5 arrival of eastern bicylce caravan
Monday 28/5 Arrival of Lebenslaute in Schweinrich
Tuesday 29/5: Camps open
Tuesday 29/05 and Wednesday 30/05: 8pm information about the campaign "Bomben Nein-wir gehen rein" ("No bombs - we go in") in the camps
Thursday 31.5. Info- and culture day
6pm plenary of clown army in Zempow
7.30 pm prior concert of Lebenslaute in Rheinsberg (church), "G-Dur statt G8 - Polyphon gegen´s Bombodrom"
8.30 pm Info about action of civil disobedience on 1st June in all camps and in Rheinsberg
Friday 1/6 Action day "Every target is a home"
Exhibition : The initiative "Ferien vom Krieg" (holiday from war) wants to present signatures of children in war areas who signed a peace appeal.
From noon on: Info, food and speeches in Schweinrich and Neu-Lutterow,
14.30 rally to Pink Point, then go-in and building pink pyramids, concert of Lebenslaute, we plan to stay overnight
from 4pm vigil and info point at the former Pink Point
Samstag, 2.6. Demonstration in Rostock
7am breakfast at Pink Point, then departure to Rostock from Schweinrich. We'll fill all the cars, and there is a limited amount of places in busses. To reserve a place in a bus please send 12,00 Euro to the account of Sonderkonto Sichelschmiede, Raiffeisenbank Ostprignitz-Ruppin, BLZ 160 619 38, iban de811606193800016061938, account no. 1621661 Purpose: Bus 02.06. Make your reservation before May 25th. The receipt/printout of your transaction is your bus ticket.

Our lawyers say that in case police should arrest people at the bombodrom in "Unterbindungsgewahrsam" (arrest to prevent people from committing crimes), they would have to let them go once the action day is over.

Bündnis No War No G8
Infotelefon 0174-3558963

The annual G8 summit is from June 6-8 in northern Germany and protests are planned

Some say that the anti-globalization movement is dead. Others never liked that term and called it the Global Justice Movement. Everyone agrees that the days of successive summits is over. However the issues that gave rise to this movement are just as present today as ever. Faceless capitalism controls the economy and makes life or death choices for millions, a few rich men and even fewer women dominate the decision making process. The need for change is as urgent as ever and the struggle for a more livable world goes on.
The G8 or eight most economically developed nations (ignoring China) will meet in Germany from June 6-8 and we will be there. Our goal is to protest them and create models of the world we want to live in, in our camps and organized spaces. Some have criticized summit protests and felt that all activists should focus on local issues. While many will keep up that focus some of us will take one week out to unite and come together in a unified and massive 'No' to those in power.
Germany has a large activist scene and many concerned people not in the scene. Preparations have been going on for one and a half years. Almost all sectors of the left are mobilizing to protest the G8. Unions and youth groups, radical left and even churches will be there with anti-nuclear protestors and anti-fascists.

The G8 will meet in an exclusive hotel at the seaside. There will be a large fence enclosing the whole area and a much larger area that is off limits to dissent. Sixteen thousand police will guard them. They have already shortened their meeting in anticipation of our protests.
There will be three camps to hold thousands of people. One will be in the city of Rostock and two in the countryside near the summit. Here we will practice collective living and meeting our own needs without governments. We will get to know each other, share stories and create bonds of friendship while learning of struggles throughout the world. This coming together and sharing is vital to keep movements infused with new ideas, form becoming too insular and stagnant.
On June 2 there will be a massive protest in Rostock. All of the unions and other moderate groups will be there. Up to 100,000 are expected. Also this day the fascists will march in Schwerin (against the G8) and thousands will oppose them. On June 6 there is the big blockade. Many moderate groups have called for the roads around the summit to be blockaded to stop the staff and thousands of other summit attendees from getting to the summit. Obviously those who make major decisions that affect all of our lives refuse to consult with anyone outside of the privileged few. We view the summit as an illegitimate and will try to stop it. The Block G8 groups will have sit-down blockades on the roads. Other groups will use other tactics. All in all a large array of groups will be active on this day. On June 7 there was a 'Star March' the converge on the summit. It has been denied permission along with all other protests but many plan to march without permission. We do not need the governments permission to oppose it.
Earlier, on May 28 there is a meeting of the European Union Foreign ministers and Asian representatives in Hamburg. Many will protest there as a warm up. On May 9 the police raided 40 houses and offices of left organizations in Germany, ahead of the summit. It was widely seen as a fishing expedition to gather information on the left. Thousands poured out in the streets later that night. There were 5,000 in Berlin and the police action has only given people more energy to protest.
On May 21 three Info Points open in Berlin and One in Hamburg. There is already a school serving as an info point in Rostock and people are coming from all over to organize the protests. People are coming to Germany from many countries and the display of resistance should be strong.
For information check out: http://www.dissentnetzwerk.org and click on 'en' just under the title for English. Or check out http://www.gipfelsoli.org for information and history of other summits including videos.
In the meantime activists have been busy locally. There have been many dozens of attacks on targets related to the G8. Most of these have been paint bombs and window smashing but also there have been quite a number of cars burned. Sometimes in direct relation to the G8 and sometimes against gentrification, as was the case on may 18 when an actor's 75,000 dollar SUV was burned.
Berlin and many other parts of Germany are covered with graffiti, stickers, posters, fliers and banners against the G8. Every day the newspapers have articles on preparations for the protests. Come and be a part of it. The world's rulers want us to be history but we will make history instead.


Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May in Samara

The repressions against "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" and other opposition actions which took place during the Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 ofMay in Samara (Russia).
The madness has begun with numerous arests, kidnappings and activists' attacks, also the activity of the public center was blocked up and the Monday number of "Novaja gazeta" wasn't published at all. From the beginning of May in Samara region the repressions against the opposition movements has begun because of the approach of the Summit "Russia - the European Union" On May, 10 the police organised a search in the public center. In this

center the Coordinating Committee of the libertarian forum was based. Some indispensable gadgets, perfomances attributes and computers with very necessary information inside were taken away. Coordinators of the Forum planned to held discussions and working groups in different rooms of the center. The main forum events were planed here (3 days discussion and 3 doc cinema presentations). So the Forum preparation was practically stopped.In the evening 2 journalists from "RIO" TV which had some video materials and witnesses' interviews were arrested by police and transported to the police departement to have a conversation without reasons explaining.The next day the building of the public center has been closed by the local authorities. Searches and the prohibition to enter the building blocked up the work of the public center and several human rights and ecological NGOs.Although the repressions were aimed at the Libertarian Forum, the activity of 8 organisations was absolutely blocked for indefinite time!

* "Human rights defence project"
* "Antimilitar project and anticonscription project "
* "B-63"-a group supporting local scientific library, a movement against the commersalization of the culture (http://community.livejournal.com/bibliosave )
* "Diversija"-youth cinemaclub, taking place once a week and having some popularity between students and other people(www.diversija.narod.ru ) Cultural center "Duplo"(www.duplo.narod.ru )
* Assosiation for the protection of the rights of the voters "VOICE" Project "Maintenance of the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly

The center is keeping closed till now after the end of the Sammit. The sequestration in the cented was realized by the local mayor(Victor Tarhov) in person. He arrived in the center and also personally prohibited using of cinema hall and of the first floor areas. A drive for the public center's liberation was launched by activists. You can join the drive and send a petition to the mayor:


At the same time many activists and organisators of the "March of opposition" in Samara, Saratov, Moscow, Nijnij Novgorod were arresated and outlawed; the activity was almost paralysed (in spite of the official permission to held the action at the same time as the Summit. The permission was obtained just after the interference of Angela Merkel in the "democratic freedoms" of our country). You can go through activists' repressions here: http://community.livejournal.com/legal_team/116783.html

On 14 May, at 23.30 one of the social and human rights activists, member of "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum", Alexandr Lashmankin was attacked in the entrance of his house and was violently beated with the help of fungo sticks.All day long he was followed by numerous cars and some suspicious men,which were not hiding at all. 2 telephones were taken away (one of them is Forum contact telephone. One of the "unknown" attakers said : "And now give me your second contact phone"), some money and Forum posters.
Sergej Shimvolos and his assistant(Human rights assotiation of Nijnij Novgorod and Moscow - Helsinki group) were also pursued permanently without any trial to hide. They were arrived specially to follow Samara May event and to help repressions victims. They were arrested at the rail-station just after their arrival in Samara, but delivered after an hour, also 4 times police has revised documents suspecting something criminal.
Inspite activists' attacks ,menaces and searches the "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" (nothing in common with the "March of opposition") took place in the streets of Samara. Some hours before the party Alexandr Lashmankin was arrested in the street and was setted free only after the end of event.He had megaphone, leaflets and permission to held the action. Peaceful(!) Forum discussions (WTO,corporative values and human rights, civil society, etc) were blocked by 3 police buses, so the participants were forced to hold a short street action: http://ru.indymedia.org/newswire/display/16536/index.php

On Monday, 21 May, a conference about results of political repressions and turned out actions will take place in Samara, Venceka 38 at 11-00.

For more information:
* "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" site: http://samara-may.livejournal.com
* Legal support: http://community.livejournal.com/legal_team/
* Development of events: http://ru.indymedia.org/feature/display/13296/index.php
* Please write a petition for the public center's liberation and contact us: samaramay07@rambler.ru
* Contact phone 89159564488


Resistant Art Festival

Alternative Cultures against liberty deprivations and standardization of people and cultures
Art is our weapon!!

They are 8, the 8 most powerful presidents, who, each year, dressed in $9999 suits, take the right to enforce their choices to the whole planet.

As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this summit. The G8 world is a world of wars, poverty and misery, loss of social and democratic rights, and environment destruction.
This year they will also decide to whom belongs our artistic creations (intellectual rights property) and how to control our means of spreading them (information and communication control, especially on the net), there won't be any place left for Free, Amateur and Autonomous Arts and Spaces...
With all those who fight against this domination from the "world masters", we will demonstrate, through our Free Arts, debates and struggles, that we can overthrow their new order, that a fair and equal world is possible and that our utopia is concrete !
As they exploit the whole world, this G8 must be the last !

As you can imagine, the authorities were not really willing to support the protesters in finding Camp Places. Far from it ! The repression was increasing in the last weeks as an attempt of demobilizing us, but most of their attempts failed, turning their propaganda against themselves.

They have only allowed 3 camps, all far from each others to try to break our coordination. These camps are based on the hard work of the camp group and costs for land and supplies for energy, water and toilets, therefore they can't be free of charge. (at this point Big Up to the Camp07 Group :) )
That was too far from what we are willing to do, a fully autonomous camp, and if we want to prove that our utopia is concrete, we need to demonstrate it!
Moreover as the 3 camps can only take care of about 15 000 people, we need to offer more places, to rest and prepare actions and networking between the groups to all the others as well, even if it is with much less comfort.

On our camp you will find several Sound Systems grouped in rigs, concerts, visual arts, performances, a spray wall,... But also videos and speeches about activism, repression and alternatives, an alternative media point to relate the infos on the net, an info point, workshops ,... And of course food and drinks
If you have any possibilities to participate and to offer some other things, we are of course opened to any initiative/project/actions proposed...

Of course you will need to have some basics things like sleeping materials (tent, van,... and sleeping bags) and water and food (remember what means autonomy).
But what is really important to think about is a small PMR Radio walky talkies [1] because all the coordination, and not only for our camp but for all actions in general, will be made on radio.
The 2nd June, after the demo, we will give you a meeting point to go to the camp on the radio.
On sites like free4/gipfel/dissent [2] you will find all infos necessary to prepare yourself, to be aware of what to take and what is legal/illegal there, as well as infos on actions and contacts if you need help during the actions (first aid, legal help,...)

Camps and actions are based on DIY and autonomy so please prepare banners/ideas/paint and balloons/flyers/...

For those who wants to participate actively inside this autonomous camp we need to have a few answers to some questions (for those who haven't got in touch with us yet):
what do you plan to do? When will you arrive? Do you need anything? Do you have a generator and if not, how many KVa do you need?

If you are fully autonomous and not really willing to announce yourself for reasons that are yours, then of course we will respect your choice and welcome you in any way :)

Free4 Team

International Antifascist demonstration against the German Nationalist Party
Antifascist Alliance Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Tuesday, 22nd of March
Press release

* march on June 2nd 2007 in Schwerin

With the slogan, "Against Fascism and Capitalism - For a World without Borders!", antifascists from Germany and beyond will protest against the planned right-wing extremist march on June 2nd 2007 in Schwerin. On this d ay, the regional leader of the German Nationalist Party (NPD), Stefan Koester, previously convicted for grievous bodily harm, has registered a march with over 1000 Neonazis from the whole of Germany.
The reason for this right-wing extremist demonstration is the the G8 Summit from 6th - 8th June in Heiligendamm. For some time now, Neonazis have been t rying to jump on the bandwagon of the alterglobalisation movement. During the regional elections last year, the NPD, supported by right-wing thugs, took up the theme in their flyers and pamphlets. "With simplistic explanations an anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, the right-wing extremist party sought to diffuse the fears of the population about globalization in their own interest. Over 7% of the population voted the NPD into the Schwerin Parliament", says Gerhard Hahn, spokesperson for the "Antifascist Coalition Mecklenburg-Pommerania". Also, the first right-wing extremist demonstration after their formal entry to Parliament, which took place on May 1st in Neubrandenburg, had this thematic focus.
"This development has to be stopped. On June 2^nd we will hold a resolute demonstration to prevent nationalists, anti-semitists and Holocaust revisionists from spreading their misplaced anticapitalism to a broad public", explains Gerhard Hahn. Further he says, "Our aim is to make visible the anti-fascist character of the alterglobalisation movement and our ideas for an emancipatory society in which there is no room for right-wing perspectives to have a presence on the streets."

Meeting point for the antifascist demonstration on June 2nd is 10am at the Spieltordamm (the north shore of the Pfaffenteich).
contact Antifascist Alliance Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

www.demo-schwerin.tk aag@systemausfall.org
contact International Press Group "Media G8way"
g8-press-int@nadir.org +49 16092437902 (Alex Smith)

Anti-G8-Rave in front of German parliament

(Berlin) Last Sunday about 100 activists had a spontaneous rave in front of the German Parliament, the Reichstag. They protested against the G8-summit and the repression. Demonstrations near the parliament are forbidden in Germany.
The spontanous rave was organised by the "Hedonist International", a network of nightlife and subculture activists. Goals of the Hedonists are not only joy and pleasure, but freedom, free spaces, etc. The Hedonist International had several actions in the last weeks, among them a blockade of the German ministery of defense, illegal raves in public spaces...

The Hedonists will bring techno and rave to the G8-protests: there will be a Hedonist Barrio in the camp in Rostock, trucks with electronic music on the demonstration 2nd of June, a "Rave against the machine" on 3rd of June and blockades and further actions (watch out for these actions in Heiligendamm). The Hedonist International, which is not an organisation but an idea, invites to join the activities at the summit (if you want to do workshops, etc. - go to the Hedonist barrio and start). You can also found a own section and start your action - anywhere.

More Information about the Hedonist International and G8:
Website: http://hedonist-international.org/?q=en/
Manifesto: http://hedonist-international.org/?q=en/manifest
Videos: http://www.myspace.com/hedonistinternational

Camping against the G8
Summer 2007, Heiligendamm

G8 - Give up!
You are already encircled by our tents!

For the time of the protests against the G8 summit at Heiligendamm, we from the camp working group as the infrastructural basis for several thousands of activists have organised three camps in Reddelich close to Bad Doberan, in Rostock and in Wichmannsdiorf close to Kühlungsborn. For the organisation of this basis for 12-15000 activists there had formed, already starting in fall 2006, a heterogeneous circle of activists gathered in the camping group.

The Camping Group considers the camps it organises as spectre-overarching sites. They are supposed to offer activists from different groups the possibility for spending the night, for retreat, for meeting with other activists, for common debates and preparations for action.

For the communication of up-to-date information and as coordination point for workshops, actions and so on, there will be an information point on each camp.

In order to make possible a solidary together we expect of the camp participants that they take their orientation from corresponding values: dominating, discriminating behaviour as expressed by sexist, racist and anti-Semitic behaviour is not welcome on the camps. The camps may be understood as fields of experimentation for left-wing socialisation. Accordingly, all participants are expected to show responsible behaviour as well as a constructive way of dealing with internal conflict lines. People who obviously sympathise with discriminating ideologies and strive for social concepts implying inequality between people should not enter the camp.

In the light of our anti-capitalist goals, we shall organise the camps on a largely non-commercial basis. There is in other words no commercial service relationship; the infrastructure of the camps must be organised by all activists together. Everybody should feel obliged to put hands on in certain situations him- or herself.

Yet, there is no correct life in the wrong one: a few infrastructure services such as supply with electricity, water, toilets, large tents etc. are not a product of collective appropriation processes, but must be paid for. The information tents shall accept a camp contribution of ca. 5 Euro per day for financing the infrastructure. It holds: camping should not fail because of money, but the camps should also not fail because of money!

In our vision of a different, better world, ecological perspectives as well should play a role; accordingly, we expect from participants a conscious dealing with land and environment on the areas that in part have been put at our disposal by private persons free of charge. A respectful attitude is also owed to the owners whose lands border on the camp sites. The negotiation team of the camp group has had to lead many conversations in order to get the campsites now obtained. The houses and businesses bordering on these areas belong to people who are rather open to the idea of protests and camps.

Self-organised camps are no package holiday! The camps are do-it-yourself occasions! They only function if everyone helps instead of only consuming! It is everybody's task to turn these meadows into camps!

Arrival and information

At every camp, there will be an information tent at the entrance. At the information tent or the "concierge", you will obtain essential information on camp structure and the action days and pay your camp contribution. During camping time, the "concierge" will be the central drop-in and informational hub for camping matters: problems, emergencies, schedule of helper shifts, workshop plans etc. The concierge will also have a phone number that will be published in time on the website.

For information on the situation outside of the camps, on the anti-G8 actions and news around the summit, there will be a network of information points that will also be available at the camps at Reddelich and Wichmannsdorf. In Rostock, you will find the information point at the station or at the convergence centre.

Taking decisions on the camps

In the large plenary tents, there will regularly and also for special reasons be organised camp plenary sessions. These plenaries are the central decision-making bodies both as far as daily camp life as well as urgent decisions (for instance dealing with the police) are concerned. Barrios and large contact groups should send at least one or two persons to the plenary and then feed-back what was talked about (delegate principle). That way, we shall be able to make decisions faster. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for all campers in the plenary tents. Nonetheless, who wants to come to the plenary, should be allowed to do so.

Build-up and take-down of the camps

The camps will be built up beginning May 19 (Wichmannsdorf) and shall be open starting June 1. But also the tents will not build themselves up by themselves: we still need many hands that will support us with the build-up and take-down and that will keep the camp running during the summit protests. The enrolment point for helpers, starting May 19, is the protest school at Evershagen or the camping sites. You will find a list with tasks during build-up and take-down here: https://wiki.dissentnetwork.org/wiki/Camps_HelferInnen Register there!


Concepts need to be worked out for the camps on how to protect them towards the outside against unwelcome visits (mainly police and Nazis). For that purpose, there will be night and day shifts that will keep central points in view. For these, shift plans will be posted daily: Enter your names! In case of the conflicts on the camps, there should be structures to deal with them and to mediate. However, people are still urgently required here. Please report on that matter as well.

For those concerned by sexualised violence and sexist discrimination, the Antisexist Contact and Awareness Group will offer support. It will have a contact tent on the Reddelich camp and at the same time be available around the clock by phone under the number 0176 67 44 06 46. It works for the concerned in a partisan way. These need not tell anything. All that is said will remain anonymous, and the group does nothing that the concerned does not want to be done.

Press and media

The press group can be reached under the address presse@camping-07.de. A phone number will be announced in the press section of the website under www.camping-07.de . Journalists are asked to consult the press group. Especially BEFORE filming on one of the camps!


Water, juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer and wine will be available in the camps. The beverages will be bought centrally by the camp structure that will sell them as well. This will be one of the few sources of income for the financing of the camps. Therefore, all sales of beverages are supposed to pass by that structure. Barrios may buy beverages in the central beverage storage facility against a commission or a down payment and resell them.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, no alcohol shall be sold on the camps, because blockading with a hang-over is no fun!

High-percentage alcohol should generally not be sold at all.

Material and tools

We shall try to collect material and tools at a central place and to rent them. Bring everything that you can spare in terms of useful material either as a gift or as a loan. Moreover, there will be a material exchange at this place. Please leave a message there if you want to share material there with others.


We shall try to put in place a transport service in order to link the camps to one another. This also depends on your cooperation. Register for a shift as driver of a small bus (a normal driver's licence is sufficient) or put your minibus at our disposal. There will be a drivers' tent in Reddelich to organise all of this. We also need bus drivers and large busses. If you can spare the bus you came in for a while, please let us know.

You will find a car-riding exchange at the camping information tent. He or she who wants to register ahead of time as driver or put a car at our disposal should write an e-mail to hangup@riseup.net.

Substantive issues

The camps should not only be a place sleep. They will also be a space to talk, to build networks, to discuss, to work on contents and to prepare for the protests. For that purpose, there will be several workshop tents. You will find the most recent information on these workshops at the camps at the camping information points. A programme schedule is in planning. If you want to offer something substantive yourself or want to contribute something to the general cultural ambience (cinema, theatre, small art forms etc.), please report at the camping information tent.
At this point, you may already announce your event at: programm@camping-07.de.


For independent reporting towards the outside as well as internal information, there will be Indymedia tents. Moreover, in Reddelich, there will be stationed a transmission truck of the free radio networks for our own radio broadcasting.


Drinking and use water will be available at various points on the camps. There will also be connections to the electricity network. A cell phone recharge station is planned; please bring multipurpose plugs for that purpose! For sanitary comfort you will find toilets at decentralised locations on the camp and at a few more central points wash facilities and showers (cold water). An independent medical team will also offer basic health services.


The camps will be divided into barrios, meaning tent city districts. Barrios function like small camps within the camps. They are built up by groups who themselves decide on structure and equipment. Therefore, they may be of different sizes and organised in different ways. If you want to set up a barrio yourself, please report under buero@camping-07.de for the planning. We may only come up for the basic equipment described above, if you want special equipment, for instance your own connections to water supply, please organise them yourselves. Please consider that we shall need help from the barrios already in the build-up phase.


In a walking distance from the Reddelich camp and in the Rostock city harbour, the culture working group will organise concerts with renowned artists. In the Rostock camp, there will moreover be a small arts programme in the central circus tent. You will find the programme online at www.move-against-g8.de . Other initiatives plan various cultural events on the camps; therefore, open your eyes and ears!


With two large and several smaller soup kitchens (in German Voküs) each, we shall take care of good food for everyone. These kitchens, on the basis of their long experience with collective cooking, will always offer vegetarian, almost always vegan food. The soup kitchens work according to the donation and do-it-yourselves-together principles: please cook along and pay your way. The food stuffs are not yet covered by your camp contribution.
Please bring along, if possible, your own dishes and knives, forks and spoons!
Please consider that if there are very many people on the camp, the food by the soup kitchens will not be sufficient. Please bring your own food for such cases.

Camp contributions and donations

The camps won't be commercial! With the sole exception of the firms of which we rented large tents, sanitary equipment etc., nobody will make a buck on them. The camps are supposed to be based on our autonomous self-organisation and on a solidary redistribution of costs. That means concretely: everybody helps in a forceful and also in a financial way to realise the camps. The high costs come about as result of renting large tents, toilets, washing installations, insurance, transport costs etc. Therefore, there has to be a voluntary camp contribution. As a voluntary benchmark, we recommend 5 Euros per person and day. The contributions will be collected at the camping information points. In order to give us money right away to pay urgent bills, you are welcome to transfer the camping fee already in advance. That would help us a lot. You will find the account number further below.

The camps will only function if all participate! Camping should not fail because of money, but also not our camps!

Contact and account numbers


G8 Camping Group
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1
10243 Berlin

E-Mail: buero@camping-07.de

Account numbers:
Association Kuckuk: Within Germany: Account number: 454 88 01 03│Postbank of Berlin BLZ 100 100 10
>From abroad: BIC: PBN KDE FF │ IBAN: DE 49 100 100 100 45 48 80 103


Reddelich Camp
Suhring 1-30, 18209 Reddelich

The Reddelich camp is located on a developed, yet barely used small industrial centre in the small village of Reddelich, three kilometres West of Bad Doberan. Reddelich can be reached easily by way of federal road B105 that passes directly in front of the camp and by railroad. Here 3000 to maximally 5000 people will find a place.

The neighbours who will partly be almost completely encircled by us are to a large extent very favourably disposed towards the camp and open-minded. Please take care that they can live with us a well. Especially delicate are the agricultural use land such as the large rape field to the West of the camp. Please respect the barriers in that direction. We shall also have to pay the damages to the fields around the camp.

Around the circus tent, where the plenaries take place, there will be a common area, where the information point and the camping information booth, the workshop tents, the child care area, a bar, the legal team, the Indymedia tent, the first-aid team and the bike repair workshop will be located. Around that, there will be grouped the various barrios, meaning the districts of the tent city.

For the Reddelich camp, the culture working group will organise a large-scale programme with renowned artists and groups (line-up under www.move-against-g8.de ). The large concerts will take place in a walking distance, but not directly on the camp so that it does not become too loud.

In order to take into account different needs let all vegetarians and vegans be advised that right next to the camp area at Reddelich, there is a butchery. Who cannot imagine camping in this vicinity, should rather contemplate one of the other sites.

How to get to Reddelich?

By public transport:
>From the Reddelich railway station, it is only seven minutes walk to the camp. There shall be signs to the camp. Every hour from 4:12 a.m. to 8:06 p.m., there are trains from Rostock; from Wismar from 4:42 a.m. to 20:42 p.m. (at respectively 30 minutes travel time). Whether there will be a shuttle from Rostock to the camps is not yet out-

By car:
The camp is supposed to be car-free. Please only unload and then park on the parking lots. Inhabited cars may of course enter the camps.
>From Rostock: Take B105 in direction of Bad Doberan, after Bad Doberan follow the B105 three kilometres until Reddelich; at the exit of the village, there is the camp.
>From Hamburg: Take A20 until the exit of Kröpelin, direction of Kröpelin; in Kröpelin, switch to the B105 in the direction of Rostock until the village entry of Reddelich. Alternatively: Take the A20 until the exit at Bad Doberan, go into Bad Doberan and there take B105 in the direction Kröpelin/Wismar, follow the B105 3 kilometres up to Reddelich; at the exit of the village, there is the camp.
>From Berlin: From A19 at the Rostock crossing, switch to the A20 in the direction Wismar/Lübeck, until exit at Doberan, go up to Bad Doberan and there to the B105 in the direction of Kröpelin/Wismar; follow the B105 for 3 kilometres until Reddelich. At the exit of the village, there is the camp. Alternatively: take A20 up to the exit of Kröpelin, direction of Kröpelin; in Kröpelin switch to the B105 in the direction of Rostock until the village entry of Reddelich.

Rostock Camp, "Fish Harbour"
Am Grenzschlachthof 1, 18069 Rostock

At Rostock, The camp is the so-called limit butchery, an abandoned industrial area on the river Warnow. The site offers space to about 5000-6000 people. On the Rostock camp, there will be the necessary infrastructure (electricity, water and sanitary installations, self-built showers). In Rostock as well, it is possible to construct barrios or small tent villages. There are several soup kitchens on the camp that provide for warm meals. In the Indymedia tent, it is possible to surf in the Internet. Workshop tents offer space for discussion. A large circus tent is built up for the plenaries. The music programme is styled by the Hedonist International and the culture working group. In the circus tent on the camp, there will take place an interesting programme of small art. Renowned artists have already agreed to be there.

The Rostock camp as well offers space and room for leisure activities: organise cinema, provide for child care, potter about in workshops, organise your own bars in your barrios. Form gangs!

How to get to Rostock?

By public transport:
Use the S-train (fast city train, all stations are marked with a green S) up to S-R. Bramow or S-Marienehe also from the direction of Rostock central station in the direction of Warnemünde. From S-station Marienehe, cross the tracks, then keep to your right, cross the empty parking lot and follow the streets "Fischereihafen" and "Schlachthofstr." until you see the signs to the camp. >From S-station Bramow go out on to "Schwarzer Weg" in the direction of the harbour, then turn left on "Schlachtstr.", continue to follow the camp signs.
By car:
Switch from the A20 to the A19 or stay on the A19. Coming from the direction of Berlin, take the exit Rostock South to the left into B110
-Tessin Str. At the railway bridge, turn right at the crossroads into "Verbindungsweg" until it stops at a traffic light. Take your left across "Vorpommernbrücke", along the harbour past the socialist monument (two men look towards the horizon). After about 400 metres, at "Werftplatz", turn to your right to Werftstr. (ruins of a part of the docks), then continue straight ahead to Carl-Hopp-Str. and then into "Schlachthofstr.". Where the street makes a small turn, you will see the camp site your right. We shall try to organise parking lots close to the camp.

Wichmannsdorf Camp/Kühlung
In the "Kühlung" hills on the Hoppenberg, 18230 Kröpelin (Wichmannsdorf)

The camp site is a meadow 6 ha in size in the midst of the hills of "Kühlung" (which literally means "Cooling") on the Hoppenberg close to Wichmannsdorf (community of Kröpelin), just to the South of Kühlungsborn. With the consent of the mayor of Kröpelin, a farmer has leased us the land for constructing our camp. It offers space for 1500 to 3000 people.

The preparatory group from anti-nuclear contexts will provide for meeting and workshop tents; an Indymedia tent and an information point will guarantee that we stay at the centre of events. The "mobile music" truck from Wendland is the scene for artists of all kind.

Next to an idyllic meadow with view on the Baltic coast, we promise you a couple of days of intensive self-organisation. There will be an infrastructure with popular kitchens, prefabricated toilets, a sanitary area etc. Please take care yourself to bring sleeping bag, isothermal mat and a tent.

Please bring with you: sleeping bag, isomat, a tent, silverware and dishes for the soup kitchen, foodstuffs, bucket or water cans, pocket lamps, maps/compasses, bikes, balls of wool.

Contact: socamp@web.de

How to get there?

Unfortunately, the camp cannot be reached by public short-distance transport!

By car:
* From the South: On highway A20 (Wismar/Rostock); Exit Kröpelin, continue for about 15 km to the North until Kröpelin, from there by way of the 122 ("Reriker Chaussee") in the direction of Boldenshagen, and after 5 km to your right to Wichmannsdorf, straight ahead through the village in the direction "Zur Ostsee" and then yet another 1 km on a gravel road up Hoppenberg.
* From Kühlungsborn: from L11 (Schlossstr.) shortly before the "Kühlung", turn to your right on "Am Holm", cross the forest and pass the hill in the direction of Hoppenberg.

Please bring along

You'll need in any case:

* tents/isomats/sleeping bags
* clothes
* toiletries
* towel
* medication you need
* food rations for emergencies
* rain coat etc.

You might bring along:

* camping cooker (and gas cartridges)
* plate, mug, knife, fork and spoon
* towels
* multi-purpose plugs for the cell phone recharge station
* adapter plugs for foreign appliances
* pocket lamp
* ultra-low frequency radio (useful for following translations at meetings=
* normal radio
* walkie-talkie
* compass
* map (plan of Rostock and map of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania)
* small block-note and pen
* repair kit for bikes

It would be magnificent if you brought:

* pair of binoculars
* blankets
* first-aid kit
* sowing equipment
* tea candles and marmalade glasses
* fire extinguisher
* water can
* tools
* gardening tools
* buckets
* large tents/sun shades/pavilions
* extra sleeping bags/tents/isomats
* generators
* cars/busses/trucks

Better leave that at home:

weapons of all kinds

German police use Stasi scent profiling on G8 protesters

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Wednesday May 23, 2007
The Guardian

Stasi scent-tracking methods are being used to keep a check on selected protesters planning to demonstrate at next month's G8 summit.
Scent traces collected directly from everything from people's palm sweat to their vests and cigarette lighters have been made available to investigators so that sniffer dogs can detect potentially violent protesters, federal prosecutors confirmed yesterday following reports in the German media.
"This has happened to several suspects," said Andreas Christeleit, a spokesman for the prosecutors. It is believed that most samples were collected during recent early-morning raids across Germany.
The revelations have immediately led to comparisons with the methods of the former East Germany's secret police, the Stasi, who habitually collected the scents of dissidents to identify suspects at a later date. It was thought that such chilling espionage techniques had been consigned to history.
But the news that similar methods are to be deployed at the upcoming summit in a democratic Germany has further angered activists already fuming over the construction of a 7.5-mile barbed-wire fence around the venue, at Heiligendamm on the Baltic coast.
"[This is] another step away from a democratic state of law towards a preventive security state," said Petra Pau, a member of the opposition Left party. "A state that adopts the methods of the East German Stasi robs itself of every legitimacy."
But according to experts it is as legal as collecting fingerprints. Scientists looking to expand the use of smell banks say it is possible to determine someone's age, their sex and any illnesses they might have through traces of their body odour.
A 68-year-old atomic energy protester from Hamburg, identified by police as a possible danger to the G8 summit, reported how investigators knocked on his door at 8am and demanded scent samples from him.
The man said he was made to hold metal pipes in his hands - as palms give off an immediate scent - which were then sealed and marked with his name before being taken away.
The police have responded to the reports by saying that they are trying to find out the sender of letters confessing to 14 arson attacks in the Hamburg and Berlin areas which are believed to be connected to the anti-G8 movement. They hope that a scent register will help them to do so. Police say they suspect that the same people are planning fire bombs and other attacks on the June 6-8 meeting.
Summit opponents are trying through the courts to lift a ban on a so-called "star march" planned at Heiligendamm on June 7, introduced after an interior ministry decision to prevent protesters coming within five miles of the resort.
The number of car burnings in Berlin has risen considerably over the past fortnight as tension rises, as have incidences of anti-G8 graffiti.


Media Training - How to give good interviews

The interview is the method by which the journalist tries to get what they want and also the means by which you must put your message across.

What we're up against:
* Triviality: every media outlet shares the same principal aim: to expand it's share of the market, it tries to do this by grabbing hold of people's attention; this is why they concentrate more on events rather than issues
* Bias: Media is about pandering to the aims of the proprietors - there is no point talking to the boulevard press for example - but there are news outlets that we can use to our advantage. It is helpful to remember that newspapers are allowed to and are expected to be partisan, but that publicly funded broadcast outlets have a legal obligation to be "balanced and fair" - this gives you a little bit more scope to play with
* Play the game - give the interviewer what they want and get your message across
* Don't hate your opponent, even if it's sometimes hard!

To achieve this it's important to have a clear understanding of what the story is:

* Remember that the reporter is usually as keen for you to do well in the interview as you are
* Be informed - this is an information war and the best warriors are the ones with the best information
* Think about who your target audience is
* It's the answers that count, not the questions. You must know beforehand already what you want to say and how you want to say it
* What will be the general line of questioning? Don't ask for a list of questions, you won't be given one anyway!
* What is your general message?
* Prepare by thinking out a few phrases that contain your message in a punchy attention grabbing language. Don't worry about simplifying what you have to say. Simpler messages are better remembered by the audience or the reader
* Make a note of no more than five questions that you think are mostly likely to come up and plan your answers to them. Talk them through with a friend. See if they understand your key points, your language and your examples (without further explanation)
* Deliver your message concisely and close to the start of the interview
* Think of your hardest hitting line and use versions of it at the top of a couple of your answers
* The brevity of the interview may surprise you. Make sure you make your main point in your first answer
* Try to keep each phrase to twenty seconds or less. In a recorded interview that's being edited for a news package a sound bite can be anything between 8 to 25 seconds
* Speak clearly and concisely, don't ramble. Avoid jargon. Bring sentences to a clear swift end, without too many sub-clauses
* Think of a brief phrase for your closing remark - one which summarises your position on the subject in a memorable way

Your appearance and body language are important:

* Act as though the camera and microphone are live from the moment they are framed on you.
* If you're angered or confused by the question, don't let it show in your facial expression. Appear calm and considered
* Don't put your hands in your pockets or play with jewellery/your hands
* Be aware of your body language and what it's saying. Folded arms will give the impression that you're closed and wary
* Remember your posture - relax your face
* During the interview look directly at the interviewer - try to ignore the camera
* Your expression should fit what you're saying. Relax your face but don't smile constantly if the message is a serious one, but smiling with your eyes engages the viewer in what you're saying and projects warmth
* Don't use any written notes
* Project and overemphasise your voice

The stitch up situation:

* If you haven't got an answer, be honest and say so. Don't be dragged into talking about something you don't know about. But always avoid the phrase 'no comment' because it's invariably interpreted as your having something to hide
* Use phrases to reassert yourself in the interview like, " I don't have the correct information to answer that one fairly, but what I can tell you is...."; or, in a more political context, be more assertive: "What this is really about is..."
* Turn hostile questions to good account: deal with the interviewer's question quickly, then turn to what you want to say. A good way of handling tricky questions is to agree with part of the question, then show it's not the full story, or you can undermine the factual content of the question, in other words, don't let the interviewer push you into a corner; always bring your answer back to your point
* Never agree to speak to a journalist "off the record" - it doesn't exist!
* Always assume that microphones are live and that a journalist has a notebook when you are talking to them - be especially aware of telephone conversations
Remember that you have the power! You get to decide what you say and you get to determine how the interview goes!
Campinski press group:
Lotta Kemper • Carl Kemper
+49 (0)179 / 376 48 12
+49 (0)174 / 896 58 24
Web: http://press.dissentnetwork.org

Gipfelsoli Infogroup:

Media G8way International Press group:
+49 16092437902 (Alex Smith)
+49 1577 - 4630348 (Jo Smith)

Media G8way International Press group:
+49 16092437902 (Alex Smith)
+49 1577 - 4630348 (Jo Smith)

SO36 statement regarding yesterday's raids

this is a short statement from SO36.NET regarding yesterday's raids of our server space.

a short summary of the circumstances:
at 8am yesterday, Wednesday (9.5.07) over 900 civil servants and police raided groups involved with the mobilisation in the run up to the G8 summit in Heiligendamm.

just as was to be expected, all the participants of the accompanying protests - including ngos, radical leftist organisations, churches, unions jumped into the parliamentary mad house, scorning this interference in matters that is their very own business.

we would like to refer to the pertinent publication, if there is a further need for information, and to share with you a treat from the search warrant signed by the honourable judge Hebenstreit:

"... to disturb or prevent the upcoming world economic summit (g8) in the early summer 2007 in Heiligendamm with (...) violent actions. these criminal offences are meant to shake the existing social and economical order in the federal republic of Germany, and could severely damage especially the international position of the federal republic of Germany as a reliable partner in the group of the eight most important economic nations."

exactly - we're all over that.

chronology of the raid:
at about 8.15am the office floor that includes our server space was visited by about 10 riot officers and also 10 BKA (federal criminal police) officers. (a office user managed to open the door, right before they would have violently broken in)

at about 8.50 am we were able to enter the rooms under the chaperon of our lawyer. at this time 3 BKA officers were already inside the server room and had as first measure cut the internet connection at the cable. Their second measure was to deactivate the installed webcam by likewise disconnecting the power source. They had not yet taken hold of the servers themselves. Obviously they were still in a phase of orientation.

The BKA technicians demanded the disclosure of all root passwords and total access to all systems.

Following our declination of this demand they declared their intention to empty and take away all racks.

After an intervention of the lawyer in attendance and a conversation with the prosecutor present, they declared their investigative interest to be directed at 'the mailboxes'. After further negotiations this was narrowed down to the 22 email-addresses, that were associated with 10 persons, all named on the search warrant.
In addition to the email-addresses they also demanded access to 2 mailing lists, named on the warrant and 7URLS / webdirs.

We decided in this situation to turn over the precise data named in the warrant. This had to be a choice of two evils - but noncompliance would have resulted in the confiscation and thus the exposure of nearly all the data on our servers.

After this decision we provided the BKA technicians with a root-shell. The portable server they had brought along was supposed to be integrated into the net in order to copy data over scp. This proved to pose a major problem to the technicians of the BKA for a lengthy amount of time. After reading the manuals and finding out about the meaning of netmasks, they copied the demanded and packed mailboxes to their server. (in the course of the other raids, three addresses were added to this list)

After the complications with ifconfig and netmask had been repeated twice, they also copied the requested data of the mailing lists and webdirectories.

During the whole length of the process of copying we were monitoring the bka experts and can confirm that except for the data named on the search warrant, no further data was copied.

the affected persons will be/were notified by us.

greetings from the SO36.NET