April 16th 2007, Heiligendamm

- Stop the nazi demonstration - 2. June 2007 Schwerin
- Rostock - International Meeting against G8-Summit
- 25.05. - 01.06.07 Days of Action in Hamburg against G8

Stop the nazi demonstration - 2. June 2007 Schwerin

While thousands of anti-G8 activists will held a mass demonstration in Rostock at the 2th of June, the fascist party NPD announced that at the same time they are going to demonstrate in Schwerin. Up to 1500 neo-nazis will try to present themselfes as the "only real anticapitalists" to media and population. That has to be averted.
Anti-fascists in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are confronted with a strong and good-organised fascist scene. At the last elections in 2006 60.000 people voted for them, so they gained six seats in parliament. Recently they place emphasis on anti-G8 activities such as handing out leaflats oder organising demonstrations against globalization. Behind their "anticapitalism" stands the supremely anti-Semitic and nationalist idea of a "world-wide Jewish complot", which threatens all nations, especially Germany.
Such ideologies are absolutely contradicting to our thoughts of an emancipated society, where all people regardless of their age, sex, skin colour or origin are equal. To point out the antifascist character of the anti-globalization movement, it's necessary to come to Schwerin and to take part in actions against the fascist demonstration. It's highest time to show fascists in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern that they won't be tolerated in the streets of Schwerin on the 2th of June, as well as anywhere else anytime.
Fight antisemitism & capitalism!

Rostock - International Meeting against G8-Summit

Sunday April 15th, 2007

We met today on the 14th of april, we are people of differents territories and countries of Europe.
We participate in the third Action Conference against the G8 Summit in Rostock. Several of us took part in the Global Meeting organized on the 31th of march in Venice, where we began to coordinate on an european level. Facing our committements to participate in the protest and actions against the G8 summit, we want to share some agreements about borders control and freedom of movement.

We state that:

1)All human beings must have a freedom of movement in a Europe and in a world without borders.
2)We refuse any control, repression and ban used by european polices to stop peoples moving toward the protest agaist the G8, and we reject any classification and discrimination between protesters.
3)We will express solidarity to people facing problems at the borders and we will coordinate efforts to guarantee the right of mouvement through the first week of June.
4)A political Europe already exists and it's based on border control and capitalistic economy, instead we are building another Europe of equality, justice and equal rights for all.
5)We call for actions of solidarity on embassies, consulates, Goethe Institutes, german enterprises all over Europe and the world. In this context we will respect every form of action and protest.

This text has been discussed and supported by participants from Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, France, U.K., Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republik, Netherlands, Belgium, U.S.A. and Canada.

We will be everywhere!

Rostock, April 14th 2007
International Meeting against G8-Summit

25.05. - 01.06.07 Days of Action in Hamburg against G8

In Hamburg there will be a International Demonstration at monday the 28th of may against the ASEM / EU foreign affairs ministers meeting and several Days of action befor and after it.
Friday, 25th of may
- bycicle caravan skandinavia and west / Critical Mass
- Opening of the Convergence Center Hamburg
Saturday 26.05.
- walk through the quarter "Schanze" with a lot of information and activity-orientation ( 3 pm | Achidi John Platz (Ex-Schulterblatt) | in eng. and ger. )
- Anti-G8 / Anti-EU Demo against deconstruction of education and against privatisation of education
Monday 28.05.
-International Demo (12 Uhr Reeperbahn / Spielbudenplatz, St.Pauli)
Tuesday 29.05.
- No Lager Caravan arrival
- Actions against the EU-summit
Wednesday 30.05.
- No Lager Caravan in Hamburg
- "Beat Capitalism": walk with bands and speaches (Kettcar and other) and "Spoken Words" (Trampert/Ebermann and other) (Start: 3 pm Wilhelmsburg - Rathausplatz - Landungsbrücken - destination Sternschanze)
Thursday 31.05.
- acions at the deportation-Lager Horst
- "Unterm Cluster liegt der Strand" Contest-Strategies of european metropolises - social struggles and perspectives of resistance. Panel discussion with contributors from Hamburg and variouse EU-metropolises. (enquired: Vienna, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Mailand) Kölibri, Hein-Köllisch-Platz 12,7 pm
from friday, 01.06. on
- travel to the demonstration at the 2nd of June in Rostock and to the antifashist actions in Schwerin against the fashist demonstration on the 2nd of June - Block G8 - Fight Nationalism!
more actions are prepared and will take place.