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United parade against the security circus

« The risk that this event intented to be peaceful degenerate because of rioters, anarchists, « no berders » from all over Europe is big. » M. Ries – The Mayor of Strasbourg, La dépêche 03/11/2009.

« Counter-demontrators », « rioters », « very mobile, very violent » activists, « uncontrolable elements trained to fight commando », or simply « antis ». That's how we were presented by the media and authorities. We will have to live up to this reputation!

Today, we organise this parade in the streets of Strasbourg, to introduce ourselves and debate on security issues.

With the blocades, arrestations, and police intimidations, we share with the people of Strasbourg the same securitarian pressure.
The securitarian show counts on us, let's refuse it our support!

Source: Gipfelsoli Presseverteiler