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Press release from the anti NATO village, April 1rst 2009.

Repression began with the kitchen

Freedom ended up in the garbage

Yesterday, Tuesday march 31rst, repression took another step forward. At lunch time members from the Do It Yourself kitchen “Le Sabot“ (www.lesabot.org) were stopped at the german-french border on their way to the anti NATO village. The good reason the authorities had to stop those dangerous terrorists to enter french territory was because they carried weapons: kitchen knives!

With this arbitrary decision they are trying to starve the protest.

Other people have been forbidden to enter France because they were carrying nails, hammers and other tools we need to build the village.
Since the beginning of the week, the police keeps entering the village
contrary to the agreement made during the negotiations with the prefecture. This night, the police forces threw 6 shock grenades at the security team of the village. In the same paranoid delirium , more and more people are getting arrested around Strasbourg, even though the protests have not started yet.

Today at noon we call to a gathering at the bridge of Europe in solidarity with those arrested and blocked at the border.

Afterward we will join the United Parade against the Security Circus.

We won't let them deprive us of our freedom
Revolution starts in the kitchen
Leaving at 1.30 pm from the place de l'Esplanade

Source: email