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France, Germany: Double Security for NATO

Paris, Mar 31 (Prensa Latina) More than 600 associations of around 34 countries are getting ready to carry out marches and protests against the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Friday and next Saturday in the cities of Strasbourg and Kehl.

In fact, the appointment will have the participation of US President Barack Obama, and another 25 Heads of State or Government of the organization, and will also cover the German city of Baden Baden.

Strasbourg, main French city of the region of Alsace, is intertwined with the German city of Kehl by a bridge on the Rhine, a reason why 30,000 French and German policemen already occupy positions in the area in a permanently.

There is also a similar figure of demonstrators round in the proximities of the picturesque Baden Baden, in the hillsides of the Black Forest of Germany, although most of the protests will be next Saturday.

The French Minister of Defense, Michele Alliot Marie, admitted that it is the biggest operation of security in France in many years, and pointed out the possibility of terrorist attacks.

For the diverse groups organizing the protests, the 60th anniversary of NATO, instead of a celebration, becomes a shame for the humanity that has seen infringing wars of the international right guided by economic intentions.

Near a hundred associations for peace, solidarity with the peoples of the Third World and humanitarian organizations will travel on Saturday to Strasbourg.

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