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Red Zones Baden-Baden

See map http://dissent.fr/sites/default/files/Baden-baden-zones.jpg

Security Zone 1-3 (red)

No acces for unauthorized people. Only notably can access this area. The 3 security zones are affecting only the “Kurhaus”, “Kurgarten” and the “Dorint Hotel” . Expected to be closed from 1st. to 4th. April (10H).

Security Zone 4 (yellow)

Secured with security fence. Start of the build up: Thursday morning, 2nd. April, starting at the void part. The security with fences ends Saturday, the 4th April at 10H. To this zone only inhabitants, carers, Staff and visitors after previous announcement AND only in company with the police can access this area.

Security Zone 5 (blue)

From Friday morning, 3rd April. No restrictions for habitants and guests. No Akkreditation necessary. Selective controls previewed. High Police presence.

Source: http://dissent.fr/node/162