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E-3A AWACS to provide airspace security for NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Krakow

MONS, Belgium – At the request of Polish national authorities, E-3A AWACS aircraft from the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force (NAEW&C Force) will provide airspace security and surveillance support during the upcoming informal meeting of NATO Defence Ministers in Krakow Poland from 19-20 Feb. 2009. The support, which will be conducted from airfields in Germany, will provide continuous surveillance coverage for the duration of the event.

The use of E-3A aircraft for airspace surveillance and control has become an important part of national and international efforts to ensure the safety and security of political summits and other strategic world leadership events. Past examples of other international events supported by the E-3A Component include: the 2008 NATO Summit in Romania, the 2007 EU-Africa Summit in Portugal, the 2006 World Cup football competition in Germany, the 2005 G8 economic Summit in the United Kingdom and the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Greece.

The E-3A aircraft, a modified Boeing 707, is equipped with radar capable of detecting air traffic over large distances and at low altitudes. One E-3A operating at 30,000 feet generates an air picture of aircraft movements from high to low altitude that can detect targets within 400 km or 215 nautical miles.

The NAEW&C Force is composed of two components: the NATO flagged E-3A Component at Geilenkirchen, Germany which is comprised of 17 aircraft and multinational crews from 14 NATO nations, and the E3-D Component at Waddington whose seven aircraft and crews are British.

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Background information can be found at: www.e3a.nato.int/html/media.htm

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