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NATO: A Zeppelin at Strasbourg ?

Bild: Zeppelin

The safety device promises to be particularly dense early April in Strasbourg to the summit marking the 60th anniversary of NATO, which runs from both sides of the Rhine. According to the specialist weekly Air & Cosmos, the monitoring will be strengthened on this occasion by the presence of a Zeppelin NT airship in the sky of the Alsacian capital. This solution would have preferred to face “the helicopter option, though more expensive at the time of flight,” wrote the weekly depeche, while the drones of the Air Force would be unavailable at this time due to deployment in Afghanistan.

See: http://www.zeppelinflug.de/seiten/D/zeppnt_sonder.htm

Source: http://libestrasbourg.blogs.liberation.fr/actu/2009/01/otan-un-zeppeli.html