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We need an Independent Media Centre!

Callout for the organisation of an IMC during the protests against the NATO-Summit 2009 in Strasbourg

On the 3rd and 4th of April of 2009 the NATO is going to give it’s own birthday party in Strasbourg/France and Baden-Baden/Germany. We shouldn’t miss this date, of course. Already since April 2008 people in the region, in France and Germany and in many other countries are working on the organisation of protests against this jubilee of warmongers.

Up to now an important part of the infrastructure is still missing: an Independent Media Centre! Could you imagine this protest without an IMC?

Bild: Aufkleber

We don’t want to have to rely on the bourgeois press, we don’t want to “read” about our actions only in the german tabloid paper “BILD”.

We want grasroots reporting.

We want reports and pictures coming from “the movement” and making a stand. A stand for our visions! Who beside than us for ourselves could be able to do this?

We as local activists are of course busy doing thousands of other things. We neither have the know-how, nor the equipement for setting up an IMC. At the moment there is not even a place for it…

Because of this we invite all media-activists, computerfreaks, organization-talents and all others interested in setting up an IMC for this event, to get in contact with us, take it in their hands and just do it!

Sink NATO 2009!

with solidary greetings, resistance des deux rhives / widerstand der zwei ufer (resistance of the two banks)


Source: http://natogipfel2009.blogsport.de/images/CalloutIMC_01.pdf