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kulturorganisation gegen den natogipfel 2009

Bild: kulturorganisation nato 2009

Dear artists, bands, organizations, groups and labels, NATO intends to celebrate its anniversary summit in Kehl and Strasbourg in April 2009. We want to oppose this intention. We won’t be able to prevent NATO’s celebration in our region but we want and we will take part in the wide-ranging alliance of resistance with political and cultural activities. Therefore, we contact you: We are looking for artists, bands, theatre groups and people who want to declare their political solidarity with our resistance and who want to support us with a gig. Events are planned before and during the summit. If you can imagine to organize a solidarity-concert here or elsewhere in favour of resistance, please let us know. If you don’t have any time but know people who would like to participate in a solidarity-concert, please send them this mail. Thank you very much. Kontakt : kulturorga@riseup.net Info : www.natogipfel2009.blogsport.de

Source: http://www.myspace.com/stopnato