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NO JUSTICE NO PEACE: The vertices of the Anti Military Plenum Berlin

  • Wars aren’t appearing from nowhere. Today’s wars are a requirement and a result of the capitalistic world order. There is no « Godd war ». Military Interventions – mostly named as « humanitary mission » – serve the upkeep and backup of the dominant measures of hirarchy – and exploitation. They hit the civil population, they bring flight and poverty. They are categorically to be reject – whether with or without UN mandat. Wars and Terror threats conduce as well to moisten the absolute ban on torture –
  • The NATO is the military alliance of the rich industrial Nations, it’s unique function is to enforce their Interests. The NATO takes itself the right to military enforce and ensure the rules of the leading world order, globally and against all resistance. As integral part and military fundament of that imperialistic exploitation, the NATO has to be dissolved.
  • This is also true for the european intervention troops and all national cambat units as the federal armed force. Private security services and paramilitaries are instantly to be disarmed. All quasi-colonial allied occupation missions of the NATO and the EU, as for example in Afghanistan ( ISAF ), in Kosovo ( KFOR ) and in Bosnia, have to be stop – immediately !
  • Same for the mission « Active Endavour » in the mediterranien sea and « Frontex », which serves the migration control and refugee defense.
  • The nuclear «  hit the first stragedy » of the NATO has to be cancelled, they pose a existential threat to the rest of the world. The only possibility to avoid the danger of a devastating nuclear war in long-term, is to completely scrap all nucelar weapons ( to start in the USA, Great Britain and France ) and requires the principle renunciation of nuclear energy.
  • Within the NATO, the concept of the civil-militarian co-operation, in NATO’s jargon « comprehensive approach », is significantly promoted. At this, civil means are getting exploited and diverted from it’s intended use. Whilst this concept is supposed to fight against resistance in foreign countries, it functions as well as door opener for militarisation of the Police force and for increasing military missions inside NATO countries. Military and military-like structures have no right to be, nor here nor abroad. Any cooperation with the Armee is to be dismissed.
  • Armed forces and wars lead to masculinisation, to « rambonisation » of the societies, orders, obedience and inhuman exercise lead to the utilization of unethhical violence and murder. Men with experience in war are often traumatized and tyrannize their social surrounding all the way to homizide. We turn against all forms of sexual violence, which is part of any war.
  • Perspectively the aim has to be to create social conditions as a international movement to accomplish those claims – the Leaders will never change their politic unsolicited.
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