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Report meeting on NATO summit 2009 at Buko, Sunday 11 May 2008

1. state of affairs

  • April 2009: NATO 60th anniversary: summit in Strasbourg (F) and Kehl
    (D)with festivities and probably opening for review of NATO Strategic
  • start action at NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Berlin, 23-25 May
  • in Freiburg a local preparation meeting already took place, with
    people from Khel
  • on 7 June an Afghanistan-conference takes place in Hannover, where
    some groups (Mouvement de la Paix (F), IALANA Germany and INESAP) also
    called for a meeting on the NATO-summit
  • in the near neighbourhood of Kehl there are almost no active groups.
    40 km further, an active group exists in Freiburg. In Freiburg people
    are motivated, also in Mannheim and Heidelberg.
  • natogipfel2009.blogsport.de (regional website from Kehl)
  • French peace movement just has a meeting where the NATO summit was
  • in Belgium anti-militarist groups gathered after the Bombspotting action
  • contacts with the anti-nuclear movement in France (Sortir de la
    Nucléaire), Les Désobéissants, group organising the No Bordercamp 2002
  • ATTAC has a gathering in France. ATTAC Germany has not yet discussed
    the NATO summit.
  • The Strasbourg/Kehl region is dependent on the EU and other
    institutions who have their seat there. There is also a lot of military
    infrastructure (Eurocorps) and the SIS-databank
  • France has the EU Presidency in 2008.
  • on which side of the Rhine do we want to make camps (only a few

2. Communication / Logistics

  • a German-language mailer already exists (“Bye Bye NATO”) which we are
    going to use from now on for further networking (E-mail adresses of the
    people present are sent to the Admin)
  • how do we communicate internationally? New international and mainly
    English-language mailing-list, not the old G8-int-list (but the new list
    will be announced here).
  • We make a broad coalition (how? with a clear position?)
  • website? 2 languages (french-german)?

3. Public relations


  • action in Berlin: , groups check if they can sign the call and mail
    their decision.
  • ESF (19-21 sept) for international mobilisation
  • international action conference in autumn (see down)
  • call for international action day 14-15 November against military
    infrastructure for intervention
  • Peace conference Kassel (Friedensratschlag – start December)
  • SiKo München (Security Conference), February 2009 as stepstone

No passive signing, but offer for active participation from diverse
groups and movements (like with G8-protest): active contacting groups
about how coalition building can look like, practically and concerning
political positions.
Political debate: collecting position papers in an english language reader?

4. International action conference

  • initial launch must not be a copy of the Rostock Conference
  • open invitation for preparation meeting?: this invitation will be
    prepared by a small group from diverse movements from this network meeting
  • action conference preferable in Strasbourg
  • include local people
  • who has to be contacted: Friedensratschlag, unions, IL, Attac, MSF,
    Bundeswehr wegtreten, Antiracist and migration groups, etc, etc (no

next meeting, where the preparation of an action conference has to be on
the agenda

Sunday 1 June, Third World Haus Frankfurt (Dritte Welt Haus Frankfurt),
Falkstr. 74, 60487 Frankfurt (this meeting will be publicly announced)

Source: email