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Hundreds Stopped 4 Kilometers away from G8 Summit

[Toyoura Camp Press Group]

  • More actions tomorrow at camps

Hundreds of Japanese and international activists walked today from
Toyora Protest Camp towards the G8 summit at Lake Toya, before being
stopped by the police. The march, which proceeded peacefully for 20
kilometers, was surrounded by police throughout the duration and
stopped 4 kilometers away from the hotel where the Summit is held.
Demonstrators are calling for an end to the G8 meetings, charging that
the leaders of the eight richest countries make decisions that affect
the whole world, yet are fundamentally unaccountable to the poor of
the world. The march occurred simultaneously with another march that
left from the other two Protest Camps surrounding the summit.

More anti-G8 actions originating from the Protest Camps are planned
for tomorrow, to be announced shortly.

“I work with day laborers and homeless in Tokyo. I realized those
neoliberal policies of the G8 are connected with the problems the
people I work with face”, said Chilco Yasuda, a 25 year old Japanese
activist. “That is why I came here to protest today.”

“Every year, G8 leaders make promises that they consistently ignore.
Two years ago it was about aid to Africa, this year it is about
reducing carbon emissions. These broken promises are the result of
systemic problems, stemming from the undemocratic character of the G8
meetings,” said Yosi Hakat, a 22 year Israeli activist, who came to
Japan for the protest.