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Threats to prosecutors in the Genova G8 riots mega-trial

(AGI) Genoa – A letter containing threats was sent about 20 days ago to the prosecutors in the mega-trial for the Genova G8 riots. The letter is addressed to the magistrates dealing with the mass trials for the street violence that occurred during the 2001 G8 Genoa summit: Enrico Zucca, Vittorio Ranieri Miniati, Patrizia Petruzziello and Francesco Cardona Albini and was delivered to the Court. According to reports, the letter was presumably delivered to the Court House on the 29th of March, the day before the Genoa premiere of the film ‘Diaz’ which retraces the facts that occurred in July 2001, denouncing the abuse of power on the part of the police against several of the protesters. The news is reported today on the Genoese newspaper ‘Il secolo XIX’ and was confirmed by the Public Prosecutor of Genoa, Michele Di Lecce. . .

Source: http://www.agi.it/english-version/italy/elenco-notizie/201204181109-cro-ren1029-threats_to_prosecutors_in_the_genova_g8_riots_mega_trial