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Two G8 films shortlisted and nominated for the Berlin Film Festival

To all those who were at Genoa or have an interest in the event….

The Berlin Film Festival has shortlisted and nominated two Genoa G8 films for the critically acclaimed Panorama Dokumente award. Domenico Procacci’s DIAZ: Don’t Clean Up This Blood will premiere on February 12th. and Franco Fracassi’s ‘The Summit’ (G-Gate) will premiere on February 14th. Procacci’s DIAZ was conceived as a movie film project during the summer of 2009 with the permission of several of the Diaz victims, including myself. Procacci’s production company, Fandango spent 2009 to early 2011 preparing a script around six victims and six police characters who were at Diaz.
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Partly filmed in Bucharest over the summer of 2011 to recreate the raid on Diaz, other scenes from the summit were filmed in Genoa itself. Although the real names of the victims have been changed, The events and brutality of the Diaz raid has been accurately recreated from court records, witness statements and the rebuilding of the original video footage.

Over 150 actors took part in recreating the raid. My story, that of Mark Covell, the english indymedia Journalist almost killed at the Diaz is played by italian- english actor Pietro Ragusa.

Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood has already been critically aclaimed as one of the top three italian films coming out of italy in 2012. It is a story that nobody wanted to make, so Procacci and some small investors provided the money to make it. Procacci, who produced Gemorrah in early 2009, said of Diaz that it is the most important story in italy that has yet to be told. It appears he has succeeded in producing a successful film that will educate the audience of why Amnesty international called Diaz, “The Gravest Suspension of democratic and human rights in a western country since World War II”. Procacci wants to take you on a journey to the recent dark side of italy and its connections with Fascism.

Franco Fracassi’s Documentary ‘The Summit’ (G-Gate) began life in the summer of 2009 as the Diaz trial awaited the first appeal process (which was delivered on May 18th 2010 with the conviction of 25 police commanders and men). Based on extensive research and witness testimony, the actual events of what happened are retold with unseen G8 video footage. He also delves into the involvement of agent provocateurs, fascism and the death of Carlo Giuliani at the Genoa G8.

My involvement was to allow access to the Supervideo Diaz files and to the G8 video archive (with permission of the cameramen).

G-gate was finished in time for the 10 year anniversary of the G8 protests when 85,000 people demonstrated and was shown to an italian audience. It has obviously impressed the Berlin Panorama Judges.

The Berlin Film Festival has declared that 2012 is the ‘year of the revolution’. Its 19 films listed are a tribute to the arab uprising and the Gay protest movement as well as being bold to show the truth of what happened at Genoa to an international audience.


Procacci’s Diaz will go on Cinema release worldwide on March 5th 2012.


Franco Fracassi’s G-Gate ‘The Summit’


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