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For those who might be interested, there are two new video “products” from the Genoa Legal Forum Secretariat. More info: www.processig8.org

In the course of these last years the GLF legal secretariat has worked on and presented in court technical video analysis on the reconstruction of some of the events that took place in Genoa in 2001. This expert report has included working through 500 hours of film, 15000 photographs, 1800 radio communications and telephone calls (police and carabinieri), the live programs of Radio GAP and Radio Popolare and the telephone register of the police officers involved in the Diaz raid. A chronology of certain events has been reconstructed second by second.

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This dvd contains a film (around 40 minutes) on the first Carabinieri attacks on the tute bianche demonstration of the 20th July, as well as the photos of interest for the trial like the illegal truncheons, the tear gas, the arrested and the injured). (5 euro + postage costs)

This dvd contains a film (40 min) of the most dramatic phases of the Diaz school raid, a presentation of the technical expertise and the photos of interest for the court like the “weapons”?, the injured, the blood) (5 euro + postage costs)

Self production, July 2009
Fund raising for the Genoa Legal Forum Secretariat

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