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G8Genoa-Diaz verdict-G8 La Maddalena 2009 press conference

Invite to the mass media and anyone with an interest in the La Maddalena G8 protests:

After over seven years of investigation and trial process concerning the indictment of 76 italian police following events during the Genova G8 2001 summit. During July 2008, thirteen police from prison, GOM MOBILE, Carabineri and two medical staff were convicted of abuse of authority, abuse and torture as the Diaz sister trial, Bolzaneto came to an end.

Pic: http://www.processig8.org

With the Diaz convictions On November 14th 2008 of another thirteen 7th mobile riot commanders and men this brings a total of 26 italian police convicted. On the face of it, a big success for any police trial. The Italian newspapers reported that Diaz was the blackest page in Italian police history. The issues raised by the Diaz trial and it verdict would have deep implications for the La Maddalena G8, for the Judicial Authority of Italy, the Government and most of all, the Interior Ministry.

The Diaz verdict was political and not based on any legal or evidence logic. It did not matter if the victims had 1000% evidence, the Diaz judge just was not going to convict. Diaz had overwhelming evidence. You would have to have overwhelming evidence to bring a trial against any police.

Currently, some of the victims and GLF staff have travelled to London for a press conference and also to show OP Genova 2001 at various locations. If you have not seen it, I recommend you come along to one of the viewings. If you are a journalist or blogger, the press conference is the right place to ask questions.

At the Press conference, we will deal with the aftermath of Diaz and the implications for the Italian La Maddalena G8 2009.

Will the Diaz and Bolzaneto trials travel towards ECHR Strasbourg or appeal to the Rome Supreme Court? There will be several news announcements about future developments concerning Diaz.

Due to the fact that the Diaz verdict failed to prevent the same men that commanded the raid will be in command of the italian police and army operation. This is the worst news for any victim. Not only to lose the battle for justice but also to understand that something like the events of Genoa could happen again. It is as though no lessons have been learned despite several expensive trials and many convictions.

The Diaz victims and the GLF will brief journalists on the current state of security in Italy on the run up to the first G8 that Obama, the first black president of the USA. The nature of what Obama is up against and will also field questions about berlusconi's policy towards climate change.

The press conference will have a photo show on display from those days during the Genova G8.

Speakers: Matt Foot UK Diaz lawyer, Italian lawyers (with translators), Mark Covell and Carlo Baroschmitt (GLF) and others

on Friday 5th December
at 10.30 am (until 12 noon)
The Hub meeting room
33 Corsham Street
London N1 6DR

hope to see some of you at one of the viewings or press conference.

Mark Covell indymedia

Source: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/12/414323.html