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THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL - Proposal of international mobilitization of solidarity with the accused of the genoese g8

With the approach of the verdict for the 25 comrades of the g8 trial, the desire to rise to the highest level the forms of solidarity and fight has grown.

The genoese lawsuit is linked to those of Milan and Turin for the use of the offence of “devastation and looting”, which provides ultra-high penalties (8 to 15 years), applied to the expression of dissent and political clash.

The judgement on appeal to the events of March 11th has seen the creation of his first former judicial (6 years, discounted to 4, for the abbraviated rite, for 15 of anti-fascists defendants) projecting a threatening shadow on the imminent outcome of the g8 process.

Saturday November 17th represents an important appointment. The hope is that this is only the first step, which many other initiatives will follow, in a virtuous mechanism in view of the day of judgment. The attempt - to be made the most coordinated way possible by everyone - could be to call a simultaneous mobilization day, December 8th, in many Italian and foreign cities with protests in symbolic places (Law Courts, prisons, embassies, consulates...).

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G8 has been an international issue and, if in 2001, already, the Italian police had shown the political choices made in the management of dissent, which culminated with Carlo's murder, today the judiciary follows in his footsteps with the request of exorbitant condemnations for the demonstrators: the real heads scapegoats, who, according to the hypothesis of the Prosecutor, should "pay for all" with very heavy penalties, up to 16 years in prison. To pay in an exemplary way so that it is an effective warning to all those who, in the future, will they dare to rebel.
On the other side, the two trials for the security forces, for the police massacre at Diaz and tortures at Bolzaneto, are still in the process of hearings and the judgment of first instance will not be issued before the next year.
Verdict that, however it will end, for almost the entire contested crimes, will be just formal, since the prescription will shortly cancel everything.
In Italy the days of July 2001 have represented a watershed in the management of public order and dissent: the police shooting at demonstrators; Carlo Giuliani's murder; the tanks running at a crazy speed against people; “the mexican butchery” at Diaz; tortures at Bolzaneto; indiscriminate beatings of defenceless people; the devastation even of ambulances by the security forces. All of these happened while AN's Honourables, Ascierto and Fini, were visiting the operating centre of the security forces.
A crucial step towards acceptance of security policies and political repression which, in these 6 years, have changed our cities and attacked the movements through the use of the preventive detention and crimes as “devastation and looting” or subversive association.
The potential international nature of the initiative is given by the fact that the whole anti-fascist and anti-capitalist movement is under charge, movement which, from Seattle on, comes out and sets against the meetings, the last one in Germany, the next one in Japan, and in the 2009 in Italy.
The repression has been deployed even for the mobilization in Rostock, with arrests and trials currently under process. Every situation, national or international, could join with reference to the local context.
Therefore the call is to find a common date for mobilizations, everyone in its own territory, to express the greatest solidarity and complicity with the 25 comrades to the bar.
Never free as long as the last will be slave!



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