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Urgent petition in order to save graffiti dedicated to Carlo Giuliani, located in Milan, Italy

In memory of Carlo Giuliani, murdered on July, 21th of 2001 during
the repression of the protests against the G8 summit in Genova, has
been realized in Milan a “No Justice, No Peace” graffiti. On
September, 29th of 2007 the deputy mayor of Milan, Riccardo De
Corato, has declared that this graffiti must be soon erased. In the
last days the municipality already erased numerous others graffiti,
also two historical graffiti dedicates to Dax-Davide Cesare and Mumia
Abu Jamal.

Bild: Milano

We think it is unacceptable that someone can simply decide
to eliminate this piece of historical memory. It is also shameful
that the municipality of Milan thru its antigraffiti campaign try to
attack and delete what it has been and ever will be a precious
artistic and historical patrimony for the entire city and for so many
persons all over the world. We invite all to sign this petition and
to spread it. We also invite to sign this petition to everyone think
that art is a free and unerasable form of expression and life and to
everybody also think that the war against graffiti and the young
writers is an unacceptable expression of intolerance in Milan as in
New York, in every large metropolis as in every small cities.
We invite to act and to make a stand against this scheduled
cancellation to all the people all over the world who do not want
Carlo Giuliani’s memory to be obliterated.

Web page: www.globalproject.info/art-13391.html
Petition: www.petitiononline.com/urbanvis/petition.html
To see the photo: www.globalproject.info/IMG/jpg/pano.jpg

Source: Alex Foti